Duterte criticized EU anew for its comments on his anti-narcotics campaign

President Rodrigo Duterte on Thursday criticized the European Union (E.U.) anew for its comments on his anti-narcotics campaign.

In a speech during the oath-taking ceremony of government officials in Malacañang, Duterte cursed the E.U. anew and labeled it as a “hypocrite.”

The E.U. had raised concerns about the human rights situation in the Philippines before the United Nations Human Rights Council. The E.U. said it was alarmed by the high number of casualties in Duterte’s drug war.

“If you asked me how I would describe them, just tell them, ‘the mayor has said you’re a f*****g s**t’,” Duterte said.

He then went on to lambast the E.U. for allegedly conquering lands, saying Europe was ahead in industrialization because of it.

“We hate you for being a hypocrite. You are the congruity of the times,” he added.

He also said the proposal to address the drug problem as a public health issue was “odious” and “despicable” to him.


The President also again lashed out at two media organizations and the Catholic Church, calling the two “oligarchs” who are the cause of what “ails of Filipino society.”

“That’s what ails the Filipino society is the corrupt media…pati ang simbahan, the oligarchs of society,” he said.

The President even said Catholicism would be passé in 30 years.

“That religion will become passé in the next 30 years lalo na pag lumabas na ang abuses nila,” he said.

Duterte has long been critical of the Catholic Church, whose leaders have repeatedly spoken against his bloody campaign against illegal drugs.

Duterte also hit the media, particularly Philippine Daily Inquirer and ABS-CBN Corporation, for allegedly twisting news reports.

“Ganun yan. Makita mo talagang tini-twist nila yung talagang slant na slant. They do not complete the sentences,” he said.

Duterte cited a recent news story of the broadsheet quoting his speech in Malaybalay City where he justified how his war on drugs has victimized mostly poor people. “If you die, I’m sorry,” Mr. Duterte said in his speech headlined as such by the Inquirer.

He added that the two media companies were “rude,” and defended himself from allegations by Senator Antonio Trillanes that he had P200 million in his bank accounts.

“If there is really P200 million in my account, mag-reresign ako, yan ang totoo,” he said.