Duterte Hits Church anew: Catholicism will be passé in 30 years

As the Roman Catholic faithful observe the Lenten season, President Rodrigo Duterte on Thursday lashed out anew at the Church, saying abuses involving the clergy will lead to the obsolescence of the religion in the Philippines.

Duterte made the remarks in a speech after new appointees and the officers of the Philippine Councilors’ League took their oath of office, making reference once again to ‘Altar of Secrets,’ a book by late journalist Ares Rufo about abuses of the Church.

“Iyang ‘Altar Secrets’ basahin ninyo. Sabihin mo ‘pag Katoliko ka pa bukas bilib na ako sa inyo. That religion will become a passé in the next 30 years. Lalo lalabas ‘yang mga abuses nila,” he said .

Duterte has attacked the Church in his routine tirades, hitting out at the supposed hypocrisy of Catholic leaders in the country with its criticism of the rising death toll of his drug war.

“Itong mga pari numero uno rin ‘yan. Sige lang kolekta, sigeng kolekta, may second collection pa. [laughter] Tapos ‘yang sa amin doon ang asawa niya nandoon sa NHA, sa housing nagdadala ng grocery. P— ina pari na ito, l—,” he said.