WATCH – Mysterious creature sighted on trail by motorcycle group

This video has been circulating in the web due to a sighting of a mysterious small creature on a forest trail.

 The sighting, as reported by The Jakarta Post, was made by a Banda Aceh-based motor trail community during one of their trips into the forest.

One rider suddenly fell off his motorbike when he saw an unusual creature on the trail in front of him. The guy with the camera attempted to give chase while everyone was recovering from the shock. Unfortunately, the creature was rather fleet-footed and quickly retreated into the bushes. Other members of the group caught up with the camera guy but the small creature already disappeared.

The creature appeared to be far shorter than average humans. It had been carrying a wooden stick that could either be a simple walking stick or hunting spear.

Among those who have seen the video, some have suggested that the creature might actually belong to one of the ethnic groups in Aceh, particularly the Mante tribe.

 Netral News reports that the Mante tend to run away when seen by strangers. They also have short bodies similar to the figure in the video by Fedography, a YouTube channel.

Apart from the Mante, there are also other pygmy tribes living in Indonesia. Some are quite elusive and prefer not to come into contact with strangers, while some are a little friendlier. These include the Ebu Gogo in Flores, the Oni tribe in Bone, the Uhang Pandak in the Sumatra forest, and the pygmy tribe in Rampasasa, Flores.

The Rampasasa pygmy tribe is known to be friendly to outsiders. They also have no qualms wearing modern clothing while keeping to their farming ways.

Whatever or whoever that figure in the video was, it proves that there are still mysteries out there that are yet to be explained by science.